Training Courses

How to conduct forensic interviews

Using a case study and role play, participants will learn how to prepare and conduct forensic interviews:

  • How to interview a whistleblower and identify pitfalls
  • Required interviewer skills
  • Planning of an interview (location, invitation)
  • Stages of an interview
  • Questioning techniques (including challenging)
  • How to deal with lies
  • Taking notes
  • Communication/perception and sources of error

Anti-Fraud Training


Focus on social engineering methods and preventive measures


How to conduct an internal investigation

Training of client staff charged with conducting internal investigations:

  • Duties and functions of investigators in a corporate setting – what needs to be considered?
  • Planning an investigation (case study)
  • Gathering evidence
  • Planning and conducting forensic interviews (case study, role play)
  • Producing an investigation report




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