Forensic Investigations

Compliance Investigations supports the client regarding

  • Initial case analysis, including strategy and action recommendations 
  • Establishing contact and interview whistleblowers
  • Check whistleblowers' credibility
  • Check whether the allegation is plausible
  • Definition of the scope and points at issue
  • Develop an investigation plan
  • Gather and analyze evidence
  • Conduct forensic interviews
  • Root-cause analysis and lessons learned


The investigative findings are essential for assessing the risks associated with the case under consideration.

Compliance Investigations provides objective, factual, independent, and comprehensive assistance.

Compliance Investigations adheres to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

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Training Courses

Compliance Investigations offers the following training modules:

How to conduct forensic interviews
Forensic interviews are an essential part of an internal investigation. Conducting forensic interviews can reduce the investigative effort required for the analysis of documents and digital data.

  • Planning, preparation, and processsing of an interview (case study)


How to conduct an internal forensic investigation
The participants learn how to plan und process an internal forensic investigation including defining and gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and establishing an investigation report.

  • Planning, processing, and reporting of an internal forensic investigation 



Anti-Fraud Training
Which methods are used in cases of social engineering and what are the preventive measures 

  • Goal of this training is increasing the awareness and understand the mechanism of trust 


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